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Read below to find out more information on therapies

& their health benefits....

Therapies can and will be combined into one treatment to ensure

you get the best results.

Other therapies such as moxibustion and muscle taping can also be included

into treatment if required.



Encourages our bodies proper flow of qi by manipulating meridian channels. This helps to release any blockages within channels and helps to restore and rebalance our body back to its natural well being.


£22 / £37

A massage with the use of pure essential oils to help with general well being and health conditions to help stimulate and relax the body.

Amno Fu


This is a specialised treatment working the stomach and putting our internal organs back into balance and clearing the organs from phlegm, internal heat, damp and toxins. Perfect for any digestive issues and emotional imbalances.

Auricular Therapy


Auricular therapy is a form of acupuncture through the microsystem of our ears. Our ears are a complete microsystem of our entire body - when we needle the points in our ears we have a instant release of stimulation and qi flow to the corresponding channel needled. Alternatively we can use ear seeds which have a slow release of acupressure over so many days to the corresponding channel.

Cupping Therapy 


With the use of fire cupping the cups get placed onto the back where they lift up the muscle in the area. This help release any stagnation which is trapped around the muscle which causes back pain, tension, trapped nerves and more. Has an instant release of relief.

Cosmetic Acupuncture £39 / 170

This treatment is used to encourage skins own natural collagen in the face. Helps with fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin & plumping the skin up and and any problematic conditions - without the use of any injections!

What clients are saying

Had amazing treatment from start to finish. I had KORE therapy & Acupuncture which was my first time having these treatments, I also had cupping therapy which I have had before but nothing like what I just had. Amazing, would highly recommend.

I can’t wait untill next week.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC



Facials are a great way to properly clean and cleanse the skin,Including a double deep cleanse, toning the skin, full exfoliation, full scalp and facial drainage with hot stone & soothing facial mask - the skin is left completely refreshed and revived. Natural products used on the face.

Hot Stone Massage

£27 / £42 

This is a beautiful heat treatment which helps penetrate the heat from the stones deep into the muscles. Feeling the heat through your body this is perfect for any tension within the body as well as pure relaxation.

Hopi Ear Candling


The hopi candles are placed into the ears and burnt down - this has a vibration effect within the ear drum which helps release any blockages in the sinus areas. Good for ear ache & migraines also. Is a completely relaxing treatment.

Indian Head Massage


Working all of the upper back, neck & shoulders which helps release any tensions built up travelling up to the head, then turned over to receive a full scalp massage and facial drainage including pressure points & neck release. Amazing for migraines, sinus problems, insomnia & relaxation.

KORE Therapy


This is a fantastic treatment to find root causes of symptoms,conditions and illnesses. Through KORE therapy we muscle and organ test the whole body to find where the root cause of problem is coming from – when this is found we tailor make treatment personal to you to help restore the body and release the root cause of problem.



A deep exfoliation facial treatment with the use of a crystal tipped machine which works all over the skin - removes all dry skin, blocked pores & acne. Completely rejuvenates the skin!



The foot is a complete microsystem of the whole body -with over 50 nerve endings and pressure points in the feet connecting to the whole body, this is a beautiful treatment to restore and heal the body from the touch of the feet.



Reiki is a non evasive treatment, With the gentle touch using our own energy to help clear and rebalance your chakras and restore the body's natural energy and healing. Natural energy healing at its purest form.

Swedish Massage

£22 / £37

This is a deep massage to help work out any tension build up in the body. Helps clear out any knots & tension within the muscles and any stagnation. Gets the proper flow of our body going and completely relaxes and restores the muscles.

What clients are saying

Had a brilliant treatment with Alex, hopefully the first of many. Tailored the massage to my tastes and took time to listen to me. Felt really relaxed and ache free after she had finished. Highly recommended.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC